When it comes to working out, glutes and hammy’s are my fav body parts to train. So, today I thought I’d share some of my fav exercises in the ‘Balance by Ashy Bines’ app that really focus on building a killer booty.

Not only does a strong booty help me look my best, most importantly it helps me function and feel my best too.

Sitting for long periods of time during work and transport can create tight, short muscles on the front side of our body which create posture issues and muscle imbalances. One of the best ways to fight this curse of modern society is to make sure we’re working out our posterior chain (muscles on the backside of our body). As an added bonus because our glutes and hammy’s are 2 of our biggest muscles, we get a major metabolic boost when training them too!

In the balance by Ashy Bines app we have 3 different styles of equipment options in every workout. So, to fit that theme we’re going to look at my top 5 booty exercises for in the gym, for standard home equipment (things like dumbbells, booty bands, fitballs), and body weight only workouts.


When focusing on your glutes in any exercise whether it is a squat, deadlift, butt raise, lunge or even leg press variation my three favourite cues are.

• Push through your heels. This automatically helps you activate the posterior chain a little more. Most people notice the difference immediately.

• Focus on bending from the hips first, instead of bending at the knees first. If you have sore knees and find lunges and squats painful then deadlift and butt raise variations will help you strengthen your glutes without the pain.

• And for a last little tip, its super common for people with tight, overworked quads or weak glutes to have trouble ‘feeling’ their glutes or hammys working. If this is you consider widening your stance and turning your feet/legs out to 45 degrees. This helps us deactivate the hip flexors a little and allow our glutes and hammies to drive the movement a little more.





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