So, you’re not feeling 100%. 

Your workload is a little crazy, your sleep has been poor and you’re feeling a little drained.  Working out feels like the last thing you want to do, but you’ve set a goal to be consistent with your training and have a clear goal you want to achieve.

What do you do?


Black and White Answer:

There is no black and white answer. Each option could be right depending on the circumstances.

  • If you’re continually skipping training when you feel a little tired or sore it’s highly likely you won’t get the results you want.
  • If you’re continually pushing regardless of how you feel you’re more likely to see results as long as you’re not eating more during the day because of mental and physical fatigue. The longer you push, the greater the chance of suppressing your immune system and burning out. 
  • If you change activities to match your energy levels results could suffer and you may start stagnating (if we don’t stress our body and muscles we don’t improve).


Grey Answer:

Be flexible, listen to your body, plan ahead instead of reacting.

If you train 4 plus days a week rain, hail or shine but are feeling fatigue, your training regime could be part of the problem. You could consider the following:

If you train 2-3 times a week you’re most likely not at risk of over-training unless your workload is off the charts or your sleep quality is terrible. You could consider the following:

If you train 0-1 days a week, your low energy and fatigue could be from a lack of movement. We need to look at why you’re moving so little and what lifestyle/habitual changes we can make. You could consider the following:

This list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully gives you a few ideas to ensure your workout schedule not only gets your results but makes you feel energised too!

Whatever your schedule, having a clear plan and taking the last minute decision making out of the equation will help keep you far more consistent.

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