Less Calories or More Nutrients?

What’s the best way to lose weight and keep it off long term?   Counting calories or clean eating?

It’s a huge debate, there are pros to focusing on either.

On one hand you can’t avoid the fact that creating a calorie deficit is the number 1 criteria for weight loss. It always has been, and most likely always will be.

Because of this current scientific fact, the majority of weight loss programs become hyper focused on knowing how many calories  we burn and consume each day.



So, what is best?

In July 2020 we made the HUGE shift from Ashy Bines Squad to Balance by Ashy Bines.   This was so much more than just an app change, it was a return to Ashy’s number 1 philosophy of balance and clean eating. 

Between 2012 to 2020 we started providing more and more info to clients in an attempt to give them everything they needed to make the best choices. We moved away from simple clean eating and towards a more technical and accurate way of eating.



You’d think focusing on macros and calories would create better results right? But we’ve found the opposite for the majority of our clients.

We’ve found when clients focus on the positive statement of ‘eat more nutrients’ instead of ‘eat less calories’ they get better results. Even better, they feel calmer and happier too!

Instead of spending all their energy counting the calories in each meal and focusing on reducing calories, carbs and fat like most eating plans, balance clients simply look to make their meals as NUTRITIOUS and TASTY as possible.

It’s a positive focus that allows the clients to feel good with each meal choice and look forward to the next meal too.

The key to life-long lifestyle success is ENJOYMENT.

When you love the food you eat and it provides you with the results you want ,you will keep eating that way forever. If you’re looking good and feeling good and looking forward to the next meal because its yummy, easy to make and helps you perform at your best in work and life, you will keep doing it!

Clean eating indirectly reduces calories and insulin response

The cool thing about changing your focus to eating more nutrients, eating more intuitively and eating less processed crap is that you will automatically start making better choices in all areas of your diet too! Yes, most people start eating less calories, less refined carbs and produce less insulin without even trying.

Weight loss rules we follow but don’t focus on

When it comes to weight loss, the entire Balance by Ashy Bines program is based around 3 rules. Nearly every one of the 650+ delicious, tasty, clean meals follows these rules which makes eating clean easier than ever before.

• Calorie Control
• Insulin reduction
• Muscle maintenance at all costs (lose fat not muscle)

Yes, we follow the science 100%, we educate our clients on the science, but from a mindset and emotions point of view we focus on the positives and believe it is the key to success.

Give it a try, we’ve been testing this for 10 years and tried both approaches extensively.

When you become about clean eating, when your decisions are about more nutrients and balanced food choices, you get better results, feel healthier and become less frustrated and short term focused too.  We’ve even found that you’ll beat up on yourself less and become more consistent!

And if you find that you love the calorie and macro approach more remember the one Ashy Bines membership gives you full access to both ‘balance by Ashy Bines’ and ‘Ashy Bines Squad’. In Squad you can track and manage your precise calories and macro’s based on your specific goal.  Yes, we provide both solutions to meet the needs of all our clients.  In saying that, we recommend all new users try the balance philosophy first.

We’re confident it will work for you.

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