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Ashy and Friends is a fun packed music, fitness and education show for 1 to 6 year olds. It is a highly interactive experience and will have your child singing, dancing, exercising and smiling from ear to ear.
Perfect for Boys & Girls, ages 1-6!

Inspire a love of
movement, music and learning
in your child

Ashy is having a PARTY and your child is invited!
Ashy's best friends Bruno, Aria, Professor, Kat and Joey will all be at the Party. Best of all, your child will get to meet all of Ashy's best friends in the pre-show cartoon series (we will send the cartoon to you with your tickets).
That’s right, Ashy’s party starts long before the show and will get your child even more excited for the day. In the cartoon series your child helps Ashy fly around the world to invite her friends to the party. Along the way they will learn about geography, language, music, nutrition and fitness.
Your child will also get the opportunity to listen and watch all of the key songs and dances we will be doing together at the live show. This way they can sing and dance even louder!!
Ashy and her magic shoes fly to England to invite her friend Bruno to her party. Along the way, we learn about the benefits of water, eating healthy food, and only having sweet drinks as "sometimes" treats!
Ashy, Bruno and Joey fly to Africa to invite Kat to Ashy’s party. We learn about fitness, sharing and caring with friends and having a go at things even if you haven’t done it before.
We even learn how to do squats!
Ashy, Bruno, Kat and Joey fly to France to invite Professor to Ashy’s party. We help teach fussy eaters how to try new foods, we make learning about math and spelling cool again and we find out Professor’s newest invention. We even start with a fun and educational game of eye spy!
Ashy, Bruno, Kat, Professor and Joey fly to Brazil to invite Aria to Ashy’s party. We do some salsa dancing, learn about getting out of our comfort zone and practice a new fun handclap we can do with friends.
Each one of Ashy’s friends is from a different country, has different skills and plays a different instrument!
Ashy is the star of our show and the mother hen and supporter of the group.
She is caring, upbeat, positive and always does the right thing.
Ashy’s special talent is arts and craft. In the band, Ashy is singing and guitar.
Bruno is a Bulldog from England and is the cooking and food expert.
He is fun, tough and the muscles of the group. Bruno is ALWAYS HUNGRY.
Bruno’s special talent is cooking (and eating he he he). In the band Bruno bangs the drums.
Kat is a Cheetah from Africa and is the fitness and sport expert in the show.
She has energy to burn and beats the boys in all things fitness.
Kat’s special talent is that she is super fit and really really fast!
In the band Kat is the bass player. She also speaks a little Swahili.
Aria is a Macaw from South America and is the dance and drama expert in the show.
She is motivating, extroverted and always up for some fun (especially if it involves dancing!).
In the band Aria plays the keyboard. She also speaks a little Portuguese - WOW!
Joey is a Dingo from Australia and is the cheeky, jokester of the gang with a huge heart.
Each episode Joey learns a lesson that is taught to him from the other characters (examples are sharing, trying new healthy foods, taking turns and giving things a go!).
Joey’s special talents are surfing and skating. In the band Joey plays the triangle.
Professor is a Frog from France and is the numbers, language, science and fun facts expert in the group!
Unlike most brainiacs, professor is is a kick butt, rapping DJ as well.
Professor’s special talent is his intellect. In the band Professor plays the Decks.
He also speaks a little French.
FINAAAALLY an EVENT that promotes health and happiness to your
kids at the same time as making them laugh, dance, sing and SMILE!
Our society is becoming less active, less healthy and more overweight every year.
More than ever it is CRITICAL to inspire a love of health and fitness in our children.
Obesity has been identified as the most significant health problem currently facing our nation. The rates of obesity have increased significantly in recent times. In 1985 11% of children were deemed obese; this figure jumped to 20% by 1995, and now almost 30% of children are overweight or obese.
Data shows over 61% of Australian adults are overweight or obese. Obesity is of epidemic proportions and the current and future health of our society is in question.
Almost 70% of Australians are either sedentary or have low levels of activity.
Only 30% of children and 10% of young people achieve the recommended daily activity.
Only 33% of children met the ‘less than 2 hours of screen time’ recommendations daily.
Less than 20% of children eat enough vegetables daily.
60% of children do not eat enough fruit.
80% of children consume too much saturated fat.
More than 50% of children between 9 and 13 don’t get enough calcium.
The average dinner plate size has grown by almost 40% since 1960.
That is the difference between 1000 calories in 1960 or 1400 now.

Inspire a love of
movement, music and learning
in your child

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