Just simple weekly payments of $6.95USD 

and you can cancel at any time with zero hassle.

Ashy's 12 Week Challenge now ONLINE

“The first of its kind completely customizable workout and diet system that will get you results like crazy.

Want to get in bikini shape in just 12 weeks? This is the program my girls and I use to get ready for bikini photo shoots when you absolutely must be shaped, toned, and fit in the shortest time possible!

This is more than just another exercise program. 

This is about finding what works for you step-by-step.

The Ashy Bines Bikini Challenge has been designed as the ultimate comprehensive program to get you in Bikini Body shape in only 12 weeks.

What makes this program so unique is that it is completely created by a dedicated team who are experts in Medical health, mindset, fitness, nutrition, and clean eating chefs, so...

You’ll always be supported and have the tools 

you need to succeed.

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Want to get a Bikini Body in just 12 weeks?

The Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge is 12 weeks of expert advice, easy-to-follow meal plans, and crazy-fun workout routines all customized by YOU! Are you ready to get real results like these…?

“You, too, can feel comfortable and confident in a bikini in just 12 weeks just like these girls!”

Just simple weekly payments of $6.95USD 

and you can cancel at any time with zero hassle.

“There is nothing like this available anywhere… 

here’s how you’re going to 

get the results you’re after”

This is the first program of its kind – a fully interactive 

12-week workout, diet, and support course where my team of experts and I take you through the EXACT training I use to get ready for a bikini photo shoot.

But here’s what’s revolutionary: we will customize the workout together for your body type and preferences.

The workouts are tremendously fun and invigorating, the clean-eating plans are simple and easy to follow, and when you stick with it – you’re bound to see massive results!

Who is doing the Ashy Bines 

Bikini Body Challenge?


Summer is around the corner and if you’re ready to hit the beach in your bikini body with confidence – this program is for you. From first-timers to seasoned experts all the way to new moms looking to get their figure back this program has it all. It won’t be long before you can post pictures like these with pride:

I can't believe how much I learnt about food and how to get the exact results I was after. Having a 12 week deadline motivated me the whole way, along with all the other girls on the same journey as me.

This program was well beyond ANYTHING I could have imagined.

“And when you have a program THIS comprehensive with trainers who actually CARE – THESE are the type of results you can expect when you stick with it!”

This is the exact program I used right after my pregnancy.

But that's just the beginning...

The REAL benefit of the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge is the full support, education, and access to world-leading health professionals.

We’ve gathered some of the best and brightest from around the world when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset to keep you engaged, motivated, supported, and consistently moving towards the bikini body of your dreams.

Meet your personal “A-team” who are going to be at your beck and call to get you the results you’re after:

Your Medical Mentors...



Dr Cris is a holistic medical doctor and has been working as a qualified medical doctor since 2008. Originally from Portugal, Dr Cris comes armed with degrees in Medicine, Surgery and Biomedical Science and qualifications in personal training and health coaching, as well as even MORE credentials.

A nutritionist, naturopath, personal trainer and NLP master practitioner by trade, Levi is also the current CEO of the Obesity Prevention Australia and CEO of the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge. He truly believes in the phrase "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

Wayne is a coach with 17 years in the industry. He’s the main man for hardcore training activities and can give you all the info about posture, control, range of motion and intensity.





Greg is a yoga instructor and acupuncturist with fifteen years experience teaching fitness, yoga and working in the 

health industry.

A Training Troupe...

Ross is a Personal Trainer with over 8 years' experience within the fields of training and coaching. Ross specialises in Pre & Post Natal exercise, having trained hundreds of females safely through their pregnancies and recoveries.


Hien is a Personal Trainer, Exercise and Lifestyle Coach with a wealth of knowledge about functional fitness. He is passionate about the 5 key functional fitness moves and how to turn fitness into a lifestyle.

Sheree is a personal trainer and natural bodybuilding competition coach with plenty of experience in teaching. Sheree managed two Ashy Bines locations in New South Wales.


And Support Sisters...



Christal is our incredible Relationship Coach. Her aim is to help guide women to create powerful relationships, firstly with themselves. Christal was born and resides in Las Vegas.

Katie is a wellness coach, fitness specialist and personal trainer. Originally hailing from Newcastle, NSW, Katie is the mindset and motivation coach for ABBBC with more than 6 years’ experience in the fitness industry.

You're going to love it...

Jessie McCallum

it’s valuable information from some of the world’s leading experts in their field. 

 The only problem is, you may just get addicted to it – just look at what these girls have to say:

Victoria Keel

"Yay! Just saw my prep room for the first time. Looks awesome so much info. And that to do list OMG, it's like a dream come true, I love being organised, neat and in order. I can already tell that to do list is going to be my best friend. Good luck girls xx"

Hannah Case

Jessica Dooley

And this is not “cookie-cutter” content...

"I am supposed to be writing Thank You Cards for our wedding gifts right now and instead, I've been sucked into this website! LOL! I am so excited!! Who cares if my thank you cards are a day late, right??"

"Totally in love with this program so far. I am much like others where I start off all excited and fizzle off after a few weeks, but I believe all of the support in the group and Ashy and the A-Team, we can do it and stick to it. Bring on the next 12 weeks, and 12 after that, and after that."

"I just want to thank Ashy and the ENTIRE A-Team and the techs that put ABBBC together!! FANTASTIC!! You broke so many things down to where anyone can understand it!! Super pumped to get prepared and ready for this amazing journey!! You all ROCK!!! xxx"

Jennifer Smith

"WOW!! So much more info that I could have imagined! This is a sure way not to fail with all this info on hand! Plus this wonderful support forum. I am so eager to start! Good luck ladies in one week today we start our new journey! Let the prepping begin. xx"

Completely customized nutrition...

"The Honey Soy Chicken recipe from the Dashboard is soooo good!! I made it as a stir-fry for dinner with chicken breast and it was bomb-diggity! Has anyone else tried it?"

“And all of our girls certainly LOVE the customizable clean-eating food options.”

Norma Marie

Check out what these challengers have to say:

"I'm so picky with my food but I have to say this program's food so far is SO yummy! Tonight I literally felt like I was having takeaway, my dinner was sinfully good! I now have a go-to favourite comfort meal it's Ashy's Tex Mex Salad! We will def be rotating this one in my household weekly from now on!"

"Oh My God, these blueberry protein pancakes are amazing!"

Jacqueline Kruse

Jennifer Smith

The challenge allows you to customize your own workouts, clean-eating diet plan, and motivational intervals to keep you on track while making it fun and your own. We know the best way to obtain great health and a great shape you can be proud of is to make it FUN.

“The Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge is a simple step-by-step process that gets results”

“Try the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge 

Now with NO RISK!”

With the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge you’re getting a dedicated personal trainer, medical advisors, nutritionists, chefs, and a mental and a professional emotional support team – not to mention a community of girls that are dying to join you in this journey to create the bikini body of your dreams. And, of course, each one of these would normally cost you thousands of dollars per month. In fact, girls regularly pay hundreds of dollars per week to train with Ashy at the Transformation Center on the Gold Coast. But we’ve made this insanely affordable for EVERYONE. To get EVERYTHING the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge has to offer you will invest only $27.80 per month – and you can cancel at any time!

Just simple weekly payments of $6.95USD 

and you can cancel at any time with zero hassle.

Struggling to get into amazing shape? That’s over. It’s time to turn heads. It’s time to take your body from beach-ready to beach-WOW. We can do this together!

“You too can look great and feel confident in your bikini in just 12 weeks!”

But you’re not alone. My team is going to be with you every step of the way!”


I know you can do this.

I’m not going to kid you. Getting bikini body of your dreams is going to be hard work. But if you’re dedicated, ready to work hard, and willing to follow some simple advice from our experts – you CAN do this.

There’s a whole group of girls in your shoes who are going to be taking on the 12-week challenge starting now and they are just as motivated, supportive, and loving as you. You’re going to have every strategy and tool you need to get the job done, and you’re going to have the most supportive group of girls on the planet to push you into making that bikini body reality.

Just simple weekly payments of $6.95USD 

and you can cancel at any time with zero hassle.